Jost Lime & Dine: The Ultimate Vibe — Escape to Culinary Bliss in the British Virgin Islands

The Caribbean is a realm of laid-back vibes, stunning beaches, and culinary delights. In the heart of this paradise lies a gem tucked away in the British Virgin Islands named Jost Van Dyke, and locally known as ‘Paradise City’ and called ‘Jost’ for short. Embracing the spirit of community and gastronomy, Jost Van Dyke’s restaurants and bars have united to kick off an exclusive vibe on January 6th: Jost Lime & Dine.

Picture this: 12 select evenings in January and February, where the clock stretches longer, the air crackles with live music, and the scent of sumptuous meals drifts through the beachfront. This event is a summon to indulge, relax, and relish in the essence of the Caribbean lifestyle.

The premise is simple yet irresistible. Depart from West End at 6 PM and return at 10:45 PM – four additional hours added to your night of revelry. And the best part? The return fare is covered by the BVI Tourist Board for those with reservations at participating establishments, a steal at just $20.

This isn’t merely about dining; it’s an immersion into the soul of Jost Van Dyke. A ferry ride takes you on a tantalizing journey through Great Harbour, White Bay, Diamond Cay, and Little Harbour, offering a taste of each locale’s culinary prowess and entertainment.

But what exactly is ‘limin’? It’s a quintessential Caribbean concept, embodying the art of doing nothing while sharing food, drinks, laughter, and conversations. It’s an invitation to chill, unwind, and savor the moment, an integral part of the local culture.

Jost Lime & Dine encapsulates this spirit, inviting visitors to join in this cultural experience. It’s a rendezvous with the essence of the British Virgin Islands, an opportunity to soak in the ambiance of Jost Van Dyke’s finest establishments, including renowned spots like Foxy’s Bar & Grill, Soggy Dollar Bar, Ivan’s Stress Free Bar & Campground, and more.

Full List of Participating Restaurants:
(Click to link to restaurant’s website}:

Abe’s by the Sea

Ali Baba’s Bar and Restaurant

Alice’s Restaurant

A&B Restaurant

Cool Breeze Bar & Restaurant

Corsair’s Beach Bar & Restaurant

Foxy’s Bar & Grill

Foxy’s Taboo

Harris’ Place

Hendo’s Hideout

Ivan’s Stress Free Bar & Campground

Pinky’s Delights

Soggy Dollar Bar

Sydney’s Peace & Love Restaurant

Tipsy Shark Bar & Café

For reservations, contact restaurants directly or call 1-284-442-1700 between Monday and Saturday from 10:00 am to 4:45 pm or email Remember, it’s only $20 for the ferry ride with reservations, courtesy of the BVI Tourist Board & Film Commission.

Beyond the delectable menus and vibrant atmosphere, Jost Lime & Dine is an ode to community and celebration. It’s not just a series of events; it’s a tradition, a chance to start the year on a high note and carry that spirit throughout 2024.

Whether you’re a seasoned traveler to the British Virgin Islands or embarking on your first Caribbean escapade, Jost Lime & Dine promises an unparalleled experience. It’s a chance to embrace the authentic, unwind barefoot by the beach, and create timeless memories with family and friends.

Mark your calendars for every Saturday in January and every Wednesday and Saturday in February, including Valentine’s Day. Secure your spot by making reservations at the participating restaurants or bars. And remember, on Jost Van Dyke, shoes are optional – a testament to the carefree, relaxed ambiance of this tropical haven.

So, why wait? Plan your journey to Jost Van Dyke, revel in the festivities, and toast to the beginning of an unforgettable year. Join in the celebration, savor the flavors, and immerse yourself in the essence of the Caribbean at Jost Lime & Dine.

Come, be a part of Jost Lime & Dine – where the sea meets savory delights, music fills the air, and every night is a celebration of life in the British Virgin Islands.

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