Join the Swashbuckling Fun: ‘Treasure Island’ Live Theatre Spectacle by BVI Arts Killi Killi!

Get ready to embark on an extraordinary adventure with BVI Arts Killi Killi’s live theater production of “Treasure Island”! Join us at UP’s Cinema for a weekend filled with swashbuckling fun. BVI Arts, along with members of our community both young and old, are set to bring Robert Louis Stevenson’s timeless tale to life in the classic style of traditional English Pantomime.

Follow young Jim Hawkins on a thrilling escapade as he stumbles upon a mysterious treasure map leading to a legendary bounty hidden on a remote island. In our adaptation, Jim’s journey unfolds aboard the B.V.I.’s own Willy T, captained by the charismatic yet cunning Long John Silver. Alongside a crew of colorful characters including pirates and brave sailors, the search for buried riches becomes a daring adventure, brimming with twists, turns, and perilous challenges. Loyalties will be tested, alliances formed and broken, and danger lurks at every corner. Will Jim and his companions unearth the fabled treasure, or succumb to the treacherous obstacles awaiting them on Treasure Island?

Live Theatre Extravaganza:

Experience the enchantment of live theater as “Treasure Island” is brought to the stage by the talented performers of BVI Arts Killi Killi. Expect interactive moments, hilarious antics, and typical audience engagement, reminiscent of traditional English Pantomime.

Family-Friendly Entertainment:

This production ensures entertainment for the whole family! From thrilling adventures to comedic moments, there’s something for everyone to relish.

Historical Significance:

“Treasure Island” isn’t just a classic adventure; it’s a literary treasure itself. Originally published in 1883, this novel continues to captivate global audiences and has spurred numerous adaptations across various media platforms.

Character Depth:

Long John Silver, with his iconic peg leg and parrot, remains one of literature’s most captivating and intricate characters. His charm and cunning nature make him both a formidable antagonist and a compelling figure throughout the story.

Timeless Themes:

Beneath the action-packed storyline, “Treasure Island” delves into themes of bravery, loyalty, and the struggle between good and evil, making it a narrative that resonates across generations.

Mark your calendars for this weekend’s extravaganza of live theater! Join us at UP’s Cinema to witness the thrilling and unforgettable journey of “Treasure Island” as it unfurls on stage. Prepare for an evening brimming with laughter, suspense, and swashbuckling adventure!

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