Creative Waves BVI Arts Event: A Celebration of Local Talent Extended til March 3rd!

This Wednesday 21 through the 25th of February, the British Virgin Islands will be buzzing with creativity as Creative Waves BVI, a vibrant arts and cultural event, takes center stage. Locals and visitors alike are invited to immerse themselves in the celebration of artistic expression, featuring over 73 talented artists and craftspeople from the BVI.

Mr. Ruben Vanterpool, Featured Artist

One of the highlights of Creative Waves BVI is the FREE Art Exhibition, showcasing the diverse talents of local artists and craftspeople. From February 21-25, the H. Lavity Stoutt Community College Atrium will be transformed into an art gallery. Attendees can explore a myriad of artistic styles and mediums, offering a unique glimpse into the rich cultural tapestry of the British Virgin Islands.

Teia Lettsome, Featured Artist

The lush surroundings of the J.R. O’Neal Botanical Gardens will come alive with FREE Performances in the Garden on Thursday evening from 4-7pm . The event features a diverse lineup of local performers, including actors, musicians, poets, storytellers, tap dancers, African dancers, and drummers. Attendees can meander through the gardens, stumbling upon captivating performances at every turn. The open mic stage invites anyone and everyone to share their talents, be it spoken word, poetry, music, or dance, adding an interactive element to the festivities. Creative Waves BVI Performance in the Garden is a true celebration of community creativity.

Bayroc, Featured Artist

For the younger generation, Creative Waves BVI presents a FREE Children’s Art Workshop Friday the 23rd of February on Virgin Gorda at the Jeffrey Caines Arena. An excellent opportunity for budding artists to unleash their creativity and explore the world of art under the guidance of experienced instructors. This hands-on experience promises to be both educational and entertaining, fostering a love for the arts from a young age.

David Thrasher, Featured Artist

Saturday Creative Waves BVI will host a FREE Art Fair at Noel Lloyd Positive Action Park. This fair serves as a communal space for artists and the public to engage, offering a platform for the exchange of ideas and inspiration. Attendees can explore unique artworks, connect with the creators, and perhaps even take home a piece of local art to cherish.

Michael Winters, Featured Photographer

Sunday evening Creative Waves BVI will hold a Gala Dinner: Artistry Unveiled at Coco Maya on Virgin Gorda. Tickets are available for purchase.

Creative Waves BVI promises to be a landmark event, uniting the community through the universal language of art. Whether you’re an art enthusiast, a family looking for a weekend activity, or someone wanting to experience the local culture, this event offers something for everyone. Mark your calendars for February 21-25, and join in the celebration of the incredible artistic spirit that defines the British Virgin Islands.

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